College Grad!


I am officially a college grad! Guess its time to get serious and create some awesome artwork


About amandasauseart

Artist Statement: As a student at OSU, the themes of my artwork are consistently changing the more I learn and grow. Last year I focused on portraiture of both people and animals. This simple theme allowed me to analyze on technique and explore different media that would later help me convey more specific subject matter. After studying techniques in painting, drawing, photography, and printmaking, most recently my work has been a combination of all of these media. There are several pieces based on the Ink-Jet transfer technique. One of my latest projects was a book titled “family photos." The book used a found photo album and was filled with images. Using hand dyed BFK, I applied ink-jet transferred images of my own work as well as found images and placed the images under the film covers in the album. The book starts off with images of skeletal structures, then moves to muscular imagery, and finally images of the human figure. I wanted to combine my fascination with people’s personal lives with my knowledge gained from classroom studies. The combination of different media has really caught my interest, and I hope to continue with this process in future projects. My work often includes painting, most often watercolor. The simplicity of the material allows the work to travel and be created almost anywhere; this approach creates a journalistic feel. The unplanned nature creates an honest feel within a piece. Artist Bio: Amanda Sause was born in Portland, OR, and spent most of her early childhood moving around the NW. Since attending OSU, Sause has been involved with the 2011 Cascade Print Exchange, various gallery shows around campus, and has recently completed her first commissioned work. Sause is involved with the student-run TOAST group. Sause currently lives in Corvallis, OR, working to complete her BFA in Fine Art.
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